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GTE Attains ISO 9001 Certification

By 7 October 2022No Comments

Today marks a proud day in GTE’s history – we have now attained ISO 9001 certification. Quality is one of GTE’s core values and is inherently tied in with our overall purpose and vision for the business. When GTE was founded we set out to provide an option to clients who wanted high quality engineering services that would ultimately give them piece of mind to know that the engineering delivered was of the highest standard. We believe that our growth to date from the three initial founders of GTE back in 2016 to now in 2022 where we have a team of more than 80 people providing engineering services across control systems, communications, electrical and functional safety engineering is testament to our delivery on that promise of quality. We now have  verification that its not all talk – our business systems are now certified by a independent third party to deliver on quality.