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GTE Group Announces Launch of AuditSense™: An Innovation in Mobile Machine Testing for Bulk Material Handling

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Press Release

[Perth, 7th May 2024] GTE Group, an innovator in industrial automation and system integration, today announced the launch of AuditSense™, an advanced digital shadow system that revolutionises safety and efficiency in bulk material handling by offering a zero-risk, high-integrity audit process. This new technology ensures that mobile machines such as stackers, reclaimers, and ship loaders can continue to operate without interruption while enhancing personnel safety.


AuditSense™ addresses the inherent risks and downtime associated with traditional on-site testing of anti-collision systems (ACS) in heavy industries. Typically conducted every three years to reduce financial impact, traditional audits can leave extended periods of potential risk unmanaged. In contrast, AuditSense™ uses a non-invasive, off-line, and off-site testing approach that eliminates hazards associated with live testing and allows for comprehensive scenario analysis without halting production. This system has been successfully implemented by a Tier 1 Mining Operator to enhance operational safety and efficiency.

“AuditSense™ represents a transformative approach to safety and operational efficiency,” said Michael Gibson, Director of Research and Development for GTE Group. “By leveraging state-of-the-art digital shadow technology, we’re able to offer exhaustive testing scenarios that enhance machine operational safety without interrupting production—ensuring peace of mind for our clients.”


The digital shadow component of AuditSense™ replicates the same PLC hardware and software configurations used in operational systems, including essential communication networks and physical encoders alongside a proprietary model of variable speed drives (VSDs). This setup provides high-fidelity simulations of real-world conditions.

The AuditSense™ Simulation System operates on an independent control system, mirroring key inputs and outputs from the PLCs. It uses a standalone hardware setup to interpret VSD signals and actuate encoders, creating a realistic simulation environment. The technology enables operators to conduct diverse testing scenarios via simulated Remote Control Console commands without affecting production.

Key Advantages

  • Enhanced Testing Frequency and Accuracy: Supports annual and ad-hoc audits, capturing edge cases not detectable under normal conditions, a significant improvement over the traditional triennial schedule.
  • Increased Safety and Efficiency: Minimises risks associated with on-site testing and reduces operational interruptions by eliminating the need for physical machine downtime.
  • Comprehensive Testing and Reporting: Automates all standard ACS audits and provides detailed, real-time data on machine positions and potential failures, facilitating immediate corrective actions.

“After implementing AuditSense™, we’ve observed a dramatic reduction in risk during testing processes along with zero downtime. The offline testing sets new standards for risk management and operational efficiency.”

-Manfred Schroder, Principal Functional Safety Engineer, BHP

Tier 1 Mining Operation Case Study

AuditSense™ has demonstrated its effectiveness for a major mining operation, identifying critical safety risks and operational inefficiencies that were previously undetected. The technology detected several edge cases where machines breached safety thresholds and uncovered an undocumented anomaly in the ACS PLC logic, highlighting the system’s thorough and extensive safety checks.

Operational and Safety Outcomes

  • Time Savings: Reduces machine downtime by 24 hours for reclaimers and 12 hours for stackers every time an audit is carried out.
  • Safety Improvements: Identifies scenarios where machines come within the safety threshold of each other, enhancing preventative measures and response strategies.
  • Documentation and Compliance: Reveals unrecognized PLC logic errors, ensuring compliance with system performance requirements and industry standards.

To Learn More About AuditSense™

For additional information about AuditSense™ and to explore how this innovative technology can transform your operational safety and efficiency, we invite you to:

  • Visit Our Website: Discover detailed insights and read case studies about AuditSense™ here. Our site provides comprehensive information about our full range of solutions and the industries we serve.
  • Request a Demonstration: Experience AuditSense™ firsthand by scheduling a Perth-based demonstration. See how our digital shadow technology operates in real-time and understand the full capabilities of our simulation system. Visit this link to book it in.
  • Contact Our Sales Team: If you have specific questions or need a tailored solution, our expert sales team is ready to assist you. Email us directly at [email protected] or call Andreas Mueller on 0466 231 671.
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