GTE has a large team of communications engineers who specialise in industrial process control networks and cybersecurity.

Industrial networks are the backbone of plant and equipment reliability and operability. Our communications team offers end-to-end communication engineering services, spanning from conceptual design and budgeting phases to network architecture planning, testing, implementation and on-site commissioning. GTE’s has a partnership with Cisco in place which extends our capabilities, allowing GTE to stay updated with the most recent technical and product knowledge, thereby delivering best-in-class solutions to our clients.

Importantly, GTE’s expertise isn’t limited to traditional communication engineering. We also excel in cybersecurity, specifically in implementing and managing Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), ensuring the security and integrity of the networks we design. Additionally, our capabilities extend to designing Wide Area Networks (WAN), facilitating seamless and secure communication across geographically dispersed locations.

Our communications team also integrates with our process control and electrical engineering design departments, enabling GTE to provide comprehensive turnkey solutions.

Our Communications Engineering capabilities include:

  • Network architecture planning and design to develop robust, secure, and scalable networks
  • Switch hardware/firmware upgrade strategy development including shutdown planning and execution
  • Switch configuration, factory acceptance testing and site commissioning
  • Detailed documentation development such as upgrade methodologies, test documents and engineering drawings
  • Industrial Cyber Security
  • Switch compatibility testing including system integration testing with control system devices (PLC, SCADA)
  • Switch & operational equipment/PLC impact assessments
  • Firewall audits and design
  • WAN design and implementation
  • Site and remote support
  • Network and communications standards development
  • Regulatory compliance

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