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Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

By 21 June 2024No Comments

Iman Sultan – Undergraduate Engineer

We recently caught up with Iman Sultan, one of our Undergraduate Engineers, who will be completing her double degree in Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Science this November. Iman began her career as an intern at GTE and has been an Undergraduate Engineer with us for approximately a year. Her journey into engineering was influenced by her family’s background; her father, a former Processing Engineer, and her brother, a Civil Engineer, made the field feel both familiar and welcoming. As Iman puts it, “It felt like home.”

Choosing her specific path in engineering was a challenging decision for Iman. She excelled in all relevant subjects during high school, making it difficult to choose between mechanical and electrical engineering. Ultimately, mechatronics engineering allowed her to combine both interests and study a subject that would help her make a difference. “I would like to use whatever knowledge I learn in my degree to make a change in the world because it’s already changing, but we need to lead it in the right path,” Iman stated.

Despite her father’s concerns about the industry, especially as a woman, Iman remained resilient and steadfast in her pursuit. His pride in her accomplishments and her ability to overcome significant doubts were key motivators for her. This determination is evident in her varied workdays at GTE, which range from intense to empowering, keeping her engaged and adaptable.

Outside of work, Iman maintains a healthy work-life balance through her love for reading, especially fantasy novels. She also enjoys hiking and exploring new foods and desserts with her friends around Perth. These activities provide her with the escape and relaxation needed to stay focused and motivated in her studies and at work.

Iman’s favourite aspect of being in engineering is the sense of accomplishment she feels. Overcoming doubts from others and herself throughout her studies has been immensely rewarding and validating. Reflecting on her journey, she advises her younger self to not fear the unknown and to be gentler with herself, recognising that everything eventually falls into place.

Looking ahead, Iman is excited about the opportunities within the industry. While she has been heavily exposed to the control systems discipline, she is eager to explore different disciplines to broaden her knowledge and discover new possibilities and passions. “GTE has a lot of disciplines; I would just love to be exposed to them all. When I was a pre-teen, I watched Big Hero 6 and loved what they did in it. That’s when I first learned what mechatronics was. I thought mechatronics was just a discipline to create things, but there’s so much more to it, and I wanted to be involved in the practical side of things!” she explained.

She concluded with an inspiring message to future generations: “For all the women and girls out there who want to enter the industry but might be too scared because they don’t see people from the same background or who look like them, just be brave and take the step—it’ll be worth it!”.