AuditSense™: Transforming Safety and Efficiency in Bulk Material Handling.

AuditSense™ revolutionises mobile machine testing by delivering a zero-risk, high-integrity audit that keeps your machines running and your personnel safe.

When it comes to balanced mobile machines in heavy industries, safety is paramount. AuditSense™ represents a paradigm shift, offering a groundbreaking solution that reinvents the validation process of anti-collision systems. This pioneering technology uses a ‘digital shadow’ to replicate real-world scenarios, without the risks of safety or downtime.

Digital Shadow Technology

Simulate and test without stopping your machines, reducing risk and saving time.

Comprehensive Testing

Our system meticulously tests every scenario, providing assurance beyond conventional methods.

Real-Time Reporting

Fast turnaround and detailed reports mean you can act quickly, keeping your operations safe and efficient.

For Operations

AuditSense™ maximises your operational uptime by eliminating the need for on-site machine testing, allowing you to continue production without interruption while ensuring the highest safety standards.

For Safety

Enhance your safety protocols with AuditSense™ by conducting rigorous anti-collision system tests in a controlled digital environment, thereby reducing the risk to personnel and machinery on-site.

For Maintenance

With AuditSense™, maintain the integrity of your machinery with detailed diagnostics and pre-emptive collision testing that prevent costly repairs and downtime.

Unlock a new era of safety and efficiency with AuditSense™ – your partner in reliable, risk-free anti-collision system validation.


“After implementing AuditSense™, we’ve observed a dramatic reduction in risk during testing processes along with zero downtime. The offline testing sets new standards for risk management and operational efficiency.”

Manfred SchroderPrincipal Functional Safety Engineer, BHP

“AuditSense™’s digital shadow technology has revolutionised our testing procedures, providing exhaustive audits without taking our machines offline.”

Kuldeep BhardwajSenior Electrical Engineer, BHP

Zero-Risk Validation

Ensuring Personnel and Machinery Safety with Our No-Risk Validation Approach.

In the domain of bulk material handling, the stakes are as high as the machinery. With AuditSense™, risk isn’t part of the equation. Our advanced digital shadow technology mirrors the complexities of real-world operations, allowing exhaustive testing and validation of collision prevention systems without exposing personnel or machinery to the danger of potential collisions.

Experience the confidence of a system that offers:

Simulated Risk Environments

Conduct thorough testing in a virtual space that replicates your on-site conditions.

Personnel Safety

Remove the need for technicians to be present on or near the machines during testing.

Testing Integrity

A comprehensive test process that validates all combinations of machine positions and operating modes.

Invest in a future where safety and certainty are optimised. With AuditSense™, you’re not just adopting a product; you’re embracing a safer operational culture.


Operational Uptime

Maximising Productivity with 24/7
Testing Capabilities.

Time is a precious commodity in the mining and bulk material handling sectors. With AuditSense™, it’s accounted for with precision and care. Our technology ensures that your machines keep working — even during testing. Say goodbye to operational pauses and hello to continuous productivity.

Benefits that keep you running:

Non-Stop Operations

Our non-invasive digital testing doesn’t require machine downtime. Your operations continue as usual while we run comprehensive validations.

Enhanced Efficiency

Testing more scenarios in less time means a more extensive test program, and results are provided in an otherwise unachievable timeframe.

Streamlined Scheduling

Eliminate the complex planning usually needed for collision system testing.

Let efficiency take the lead on your site with AuditSense™, where operational flow is uninterrupted and performance is peak.


Safety at the Forefront

Elevating Safety Standards in Your Workplace.

At the heart of AuditSense™ is a commitment to uncompromised safety. By integrating our system into your safety protocols, you’re not just complying with regulations; you’re setting new benchmarks for safety in the industry. Prevent accidents before they happen and build a workplace that prioritises the well-being of every individual and piece of equipment.

Benefits that keep you running:

Preventative Measures

Utilise detailed diagnostics to foresee and address potential issues.

Safety Culture

Embed a proactive approach to safety in your daily operations.

Reputation Management

Position your company as an industry leader in safety and innovation.

Choose AuditSense™ for an unwavering dedication to safety, transforming your risk management into a robust pillar of your operational success.

Discover AuditSense™: Request a Perth-based demonstration now and take the first step towards safer, more efficient operations.