Test Lab Facilities

GTE’s laboratory facilities are designed to meet the highest standards in terms of equipment, safety, and management.

Our labs are crucial for conducting testing, research, and solution development in the field of Process Control Networks and PLC/SCADA Industrial Automation.

Our facilities consist of four state-of-the-art labs, strategically located across two separate CBD locations. The labs range from 70m² to 169m² , and are equipped with advanced amenities to ensure efficiency and safety.

  • Four labs ranging from 70m² to 169m²
  • Some labs are self-contained
  • All labs have air conditioning
  • Strict access control with CCTV
  • Stringent safety protocols in place


Safety is the top priority:

  • Our Health and Safety Management Plan, covering all GTE sites, also extends to our Labs.
  • Each lab has a dedicated manager who ensures adherence to safety protocols.
  • All individuals, including clients, must undergo lab-specific inductions prior to entry.
  • We have developed strict standards for lab design and equipment installation to guarantee a safe working environment.


Designated lab managers strictly manage access permissions. All labs are video monitored 24/7 to ensure the highest level of security. Individuals working within the lab are required to:

  • Complete a lab-specific induction.
  • Sign onto a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) weekly.
  • Complete a Take 5 via our online portal prior to commencing work.
  • Obtain approval from the lab manager before installing or removing any equipment.


Our network configuration can be customised to meet specific needs, including:

  • Standalone (air-gapped) networks.
  • Segregated networks with a jump box for added security
  • Fully accessible networks via the internet


Power supply within the labs is designed to meet various needs, including:

  • Low voltage: Individual distribution boards for each lab, with options for both 230V AC single phase and 415V AC three phase supplies.
  • Extra low voltage: Separate supplies for 24VDC and 48VDC requirements


Each lab is equipped with a range of hardware to support research and development activities. This includes:

  • Network racks.
  • Network switches, including core switches.
  • Workbenches with docks, monitors, and mice for laptop connections.
  • 24VDC supplies fed from server racks.
  • Ethernet connectivity to the Process Control Network (PCN) switches.
  • Storage facilities for equipment, tooling, and parts.

Additionally, the PLC and SCADA lab includes the following:

  • Quick interchange wall panel mounting creating flexibility to add or remove systems as required.
  • PLC racks, controllers, and IO modules for several different PLC vendors.
  • Safety PLC hardware and devices.
  • Capability to test field devices, such as pressure transducers and encoders.
  • Stacker and reclaimer simulation systems for motion control.
  • Capability to simulate and test protection relays.
  • Engineering station and full operator workstation setup.


One of our labs houses a powerful ESXI server with the capacity to run up to 128 concurrent virtual machines, ensuring uninterrupted operation and testing capabilities. This provides the capability to simultaneously simulate several different customer sites.

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