Our Team

Our team of handpicked specialists have been put together with a focus on experience and expertise to allow us to deliver high quality engineering solutions.

Michael Gibson

Executive Director

Darren Bowles

Executive Director

A professionally qualified chartered Electrical Engineer (Fellow Engineer) with extensive experience in electrical engineering, automation and autonomous mining. Darren has a wealth of experience with process control and autonomous systems and has held senior positions at both BHP and Rio Tinto.

Ashley Ingham

Executive Director

Ashley is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with extensive experience across the mining and rail industries. This includes work in Africa, Europe and Asia. Ashley has experience across a diverse range of processes including iron ore, magnetite, uranium, lithium, rare earths and diamonds both above and below ground. Ashley has a significant drive to achieve success and deliver projects with a strong focus on operability and maintainability.

Carolyn Nicolau

Human Resources Manager

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109 St Georges Terrace

Trevor James

Non-Executive Director & Chairman

Chris Mansfield

Lead Control Systems Engineer / Functional Safety Engineer

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Port Hedland

John McKean

Lead Network Engineer

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172 St Georges Terrace

Deon Van Wyk

Senior Control Systems Engineer

Hamza Azhar

Control Systems Engineer

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109 St Georges Terrace

Andy Lourenco

Senior Design Draftsperson

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Phil Young

Lead Electrical Engineer

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Jordan Harun

Technical Project Services Officer

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Michael Benson

Functional Safety Engineer

Michael is a Control Systems Engineer, specialising in Functional Safety. Michael has over 10 years of experience in the resources industry including a broad selection of projects across multiple clients and sites, combining machinery and process functional safety requirements. These projects comprised typical machinery applications, such as conveyors, rail mounted mobile machinery, car dumpers and mine winders, as well as more process focussed applications such as gas-fired appliance.

Roger Franks

VVVF Specialist

With over 16 years’ experience as an Electrical Control Engineer and Project Manager, Roger provides multi-industry and multi-skilled experience covering utilities, rail and mining. Roger’s combination of engineering, project and team management skills allows him to make the necessary decisions to ensure safe and efficient results. His experience also allows him to escalate any necessary risks that may impact future outcomes and provide solutions to mitigate these risks.

Connor Jarvis

SCADA Specialist

Connor has a wide range of experience as an Electrical and Control Systems Engineer within the mining industry. He has a thorough understanding of Car Dumpers and Balanced Machines, working in both site maintenance and major control systems upgrade roles at BHP’s Port Hedland sites. Connor has developed standards in both the BHP and RIO SCADA Standardisation and Upgrade Projects and has an excellent understanding of ASM Design Philosophy as well as Citect SCADA. His enthusiasm and interpersonal skills are a valuable team asset in achieving workplace success.

Phil Gray

Functional Safety Engineer

Phil has a background in Electrical, Control System and Functional Safety Engineering. He has over 35 years’ experience working within Defense, Factory Automation, Robotics and the Minerals & Mining sector. He is now working full time as a Functional Safety Engineer and received his certification from TÜV Rheinland. Phil works to a high level of integrity, safety and quality with great attention to detail and is looking forward to working within the GTE Group on many future projects.

Tze Oh

Senior Control Systems Engineer / Functional Safety Engineer

Tze has over a decade of experience across Control Systems/Automation, Electrical, Reliability and Industrial IT in the resources industry. His experience spans a range of different processes, including iron ore, magnetite and lithium. Passionate about innovation, automation, technology and the sciences, Tze has a wealth of knowledge and experience with a proven record of providing exceptional support and assistance, and delivering projects efficiently and safely with a focus on operability, reliability and maintainability.

Braithe Gildersleeves

Lead Network Engineer

Braithe is a Lead Network Engineer with over 20 years experience on large scale BHP projects ranging from process control networks to storage systems. Braithes expertise is in design, testing and commissioning of communication and data networks.

Damien Rahe

Senior Design Draftsperson

Damien has over 15 years of experience as a design draftsperson across various industries including mining, oil & gas and infrastructure. Damien is a professional, highly skilled, results focused Design Draftsperson who has spent a considerable part of his career working in site-based roles giving him an excellent understanding of the equipment he is drafting. Damien is a safety focused team player with excellent communication skills and takes pride in all aspects of his work whilst providing a high level of client service through a streamlined and efficient approach.

Mark Badham

Lead Design Draftsperson

Mark has worked for over 25 years in the electrical field in a variety of roles. This includes electrical and instrumentation construction projects on a number of power stations, petro-chemical, and mining projects. Mark spent many years working as a Lead Electrical Designer for a major resource Company (BHP) in the Iron Ore industry in Western Australia. Mark always prides himself on excellent workmanship and a high level of detail.

Kevin Shu

Senior Network Engineer

Kevin is a Senior Network Engineer with over a decade of projects and operations experience in network and communications engineering. He has delivered successful projects for a variety of large-scale resources clients. He is highly capable in design, test, build, site commissioning, operations, technical project management and service lifecycle management.

Mario Rubianogroot

Senior Control Systems Engineer / Functional Safety Engineer

Mario is a Senior Control Systems Engineer with more than a decade of industrial control systems and automation project experience, in a wide variety of industries such as shipbuilding, water treatment, and waste management plants. He has extensive mining experience with strong site commissioning exposure particularly in the iron ore bulk material handling and gold mine processing plants in Australia and internationally. Mario is a Certified Functional Safety Engineer open to learning and applying new methods to improve existing processes.

Myrrhine Cutten

Non-Executive Director

Myrrhine is a senior human resources practitioner and executive with a history of working in the mining & metals industry along with finance, health, retail and agriculture sectors.

Simon Adams

Non-Executive Director

Simon is an experienced corporate and commercial lawyer with extensive experience in the energy and resources industries and associated infrastructure, including electricity networks, gas and water pipelines and railways.

Kent Hang

IT Systems Lead

Kent has exponential knowledge and experience in Information Technology and Support systems. With over a decade of experience, he manages and supports the complete backend of GTE Group's IT systems while developing improvements and managing projects to the company. Additionally, he is consistently striving for improvements and has a strong track record on providing efficient implementations and processes.

Jeremy Low

Senior Control Systems Engineer

Jeremy is a Senior Control Systems engineer with extensive mining experience in Western Australia and abroad. Jeremy has provided services to the iron ore, copper, gold, and chemicals industries. Jeremy loves tackling challenging projects that push the limits of industrial automation, such as high-level supervisory systems like route sequencing and task management.

Myat Htet

Graduate Engineer

Myat is an Electrical Engineering graduate from Curtin University with interest in Control Systems and Electrical Engineering. He has some experience in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from a previous vacation program where he collaborated with their clients to work on processes and deliver flowchart manuals. He looks forward to expanding his knowledge on Control Systems and Electrical Engineering while also gaining experience in Communications with GTE’s Graduate Program.

Mark Greig

Senior Electrical Engineer

Mark is a Chartered Electrical Engineer and has worked for over 18 years in the resources industry in Electrical Maintenance, LV Design, EPCM Project Management and Green/Brown Fields Construction.

Mark has a proven track record of completing tasks on schedule, to Australian Standards and without incident. He also has an excellent achievement focus, attention to detail, proven problem-solving skills, integrity and safe work practices which comply with the client’s health safety and environmental policies.

Michael Epple

Senior Designer

Michael has over a decade of experience in electrical design for major mining projects such as Rapid Growth Projects and PLC upgrades. Most of Michael’s work has been for major resource companies, most recently expanding his knowledge and skills working on a SCADA upgrade project. Michael is passionate about consistently delivering quality designs and solutions.

Ros Nelson

Administration Manager

Ros is an experienced administration professional with over 30 years’ experience across the Oil & Gas, Mining, and Government sectors. She specialises in office management, travel and mobilisation coordination, and administrative and executive support.
Her aim is to support and work collaboratively with Executives and the greater team to help them achieve their goals and build strong working relationships with clients.

Ros enjoys being part of the Company’s growth, providing outstanding service and finding smart solutions and tools to work more efficiently.

Muhammad Shoaib

Network Engineer

Muhammad Shoaib joined the resource industry after completing his postgraduate from ECU in 2019. He brings along himself a couple of years’ experiences of electrical utility and cellular industries with hands-on multivendor transmission equipment. He has previously worked on multiple projects with clients like Western Power, ElectraNet and BHP.

Doug Cull

Lead Control Systems Engineer

Doug brings 25 years' experience in the Control Systems and Embedded Systems industries to GTE. He has worked in and lead teams constantly delivering successful projects for companies of all sizes, including BHP WAIO and RTIO. His broad technical knowledge and SCADA and PLC experience has been of significant benefit to clients and team members alike.

He looks forward to continuing to develop the breadth and depth of Control Systems project value across broadening industries, with this role at GTE.

Vojtech Gajdos

Project Delivery Specialist

Vojtech is a Project Management Professional and a Chartered Engineer with many years of experience in delivering control system projects for various international industries. He also possesses over 10 years’ experience in management of Functional Safety at various stages of a project lifecycle. Vojtech is highly motivated to meet the project goals and achieve customer satisfaction through the effective control of project teams and constant strive to improve internal project management

Dallas Lang

Graduate Engineer

Dallas is a highly motivated team player who proactively seeks to learn and grow his engineering skill set. He has acquired skills in both electrical and control systems with his time working FIFO in the iron ore industry. Dallas is efficient and takes a thorough and detailed approach to his work. GTE will continue to support and challenge Dallas in his career of electrical and control systems engineering.

Chin Fei Low

Electrical Engineering Manager

Chin Fei is a Chartered Professional Engineer, who is highly competent in electrical distribution design, project lifecycle studies, contract management, commissioning, and construction management. He has worked extensively on both greenfield and brownfield projects across BHP and Rio Tinto sites. His recent electrical upgrade work has further expanded his skills within oil and gas projects. Chin Fei has a strong focus on safety in design and delivering high-quality works at GTE Group.

Jason Doyle


Jason has 28 years' experience in the mining and resources industry within the control systems discipline.
During this time, he has gained expert knowledge across all versions of CitectSCADA.
Jason has a demonstrated history of delivering large scale projects, providing team leadership and technical governance for companies including RTIO and BHP.
Jason looks forward to the opportunity of supporting the GTE business through both his technical leadership and mentoring of junior engineers.

Marcus Altmann

Graduate Engineer

Marcus has a master’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and has skills in professional
engineering with a focus in project management and design. Marcus is detail-oriented with a history of success in establishing clear project feasibility analysis through projects involved with control
systems. His previous works include the provision of an FAT automation feasibility for a project during his final year project at the University of Western Australia.

Paul Vajda

Technical Writer

Paul is a technical writer with over 17 year's experience working in the engineering space. He has generated technical documentation for high-end electronic equipment, SCADA systems, software suites, automated mining related systems and IT engineering projects. Paul's set of skills covers a variety of documents and audiences such as: operation, maintenance and technical reference manuals, work instructions, quick reference guides, presentations, and task specific procedures (test, assembly, configuration etc.). At present Paul is actively working in the delivery and support of project related documentation.

Roger Larcombe


Roger is a SCADA SME with 25 years of wide-ranging experience in prominent Australian mining operations. He has led large teams, successfully delivering many world-class projects for BHP, WAIO and RTIO. His technical drive, openness to evolve and delivery focussed attention has him recognised as an industry leader in Citect SCADA standards creation, upgrading complex systems and difficult fault finding. Roger is most proud of his successes through adding significant client value, to previous and present employees.

Thomas Silver

Functional Safety Engineer

Tom is a Chartered Engineer with 19 years experience in engineering, asset management, and maintenance management in various industries of mining, manufacturing, power generation, FMCG, and recycling. He holds significant experience in leadership roles and his expertise include functional safety management, establishing and auditing management systems, undertaking conceptual design work, feasibility studies, capital submissions and commissioning work. Thomas has contributed skill and knowledge toward numerous projects with GTE, and he looks forward to many more in the future.

Yin Zhong

Research Engineer

Yin graduated from the University of Western Australia as a top student in a Masters of Information Technology. He brings to GTE strong software development skills and supports our Projects Team on multiple internal research projects.
Yin is experienced in C/C++/Python/PHP programming and web backend developing and also has strength in the fields of Algorithms, machine learning and IoT.

Benson Madzivire

Lead Network Engineer

Benson is a Lead Network Engineer with over 12 years of industry experience in IT/OT
environments. Benson has a demonstrated track record in significant projects’ implementations for government, resource and utility industries. Benson has been working on various BHP projects for the past 18 months and has been instrumental in the delivery of the Remote Rockbreaker, Remote Control Train Loading and VVVF End-Of-Life Replacement, to name a few. Benson looks forward to future projects with GTE Group.

Rachel Cheah

Senior Network Engineer

Rachel has worked for over 10 years in the engineering consultancies and resources industry in both Technology Information and Control Systems disciplines.
Rachel has delivered Industrial Process Control Networks, working on large scale projects from designing to site commissioning. She is proficient in Allen-Bradley control logic PLCs as well as configuring and testing Citect SCADA and Siemen VVVFs. Rachel is always striving for success and will deliver projects with a strong focus on standardisation, operability and maintainability.

Ross George

Project Manager

Ross holds over fifteen years working in the mining and resource industries in the Pilbara and across Australia. He has a solid and practical electrical engineering and project management background. He is an effective problem solver and meticulous planner who is highly self-motivated and driven by a desire to produce quality results and exceed expectations. He seeks to understand customer requirements and works towards shared goals, most commonly as project team leader. Ross has delivered numerous successful projects and looks forward to many more at GTE Group.

David Leech

Lead Control Systems Engineer

David is a highly regarded engineer with a focus on innovative leadership to deliver high quality outcomes for GTE. During eighteen years working with consulting engineering firms in Australia, David has gained extensive project experience ranging in scale from rapid-delivery to mega projects for clients across mining, manufacturing, defence and energy. David has a broad set of skills in automation, control systems and communication engineering including PLC programming, SCADA development, RTU/IED configuration, instrumentation, network design and customised solutions.

Nathan Sandl

Graduate Engineer

Nathan graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and a Master’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering. He holds a keen interest in communication systems and has worked in LV/HV power distribution. For his final year university research project, Nathan worked on state-of-the-art modelling software for free-space laser communications developed for satellites. Nathan strives for quality results and looks forward to assisting our teams at GTE Group.

Gordon Ward

Lead Control Systems Engineer

Gordon holds 25 years experience in the mining and resources sector as a control systems engineer. During this time, he has gained an expert knowledge of Citect. He brings to GTE a demonstrated history of delivering large-scale and technically challenging projects for companies including BHP and Rio Tinto. Gordon looks forward to supporting GTE as they deliver successful projects to their clients in an ever demanding technical and commercial environment.

Michael Sayers

Lead Control Systems Engineer

Michael is a control systems engineer with 14 years experience in the material handling industry, having worked in both operational and project delivery roles. With a strong background in the iron ore environment, his career has included work in operational support, equipment delay reduction and optimisation, site governance, and both minor and major project delivery. Michael has a range of skills including PLC programming across multiple platforms, SCADA development, instrumentation design, IED configuration and site commissioning. He is also a certified Functional Safety engineer with experience from both the project and owner/operator perspectives. Michael values attention to detail and taking a systematic, practical and effective approach to solving engineering problems.

Zhaniya Amirova

Project Engineer and Sales Engineer

Zhaniya has completed a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and holds over 6 years’ experience as a Project Engineer and Sales Engineer. She works professionally and effectively in a cross-functional team environment across both commercial and technical domains and is driven to create mutually beneficial relationships with internal and external stakeholders for outstanding business results. Zhaniya has managed multidisciplinary projects, leading bids and delivered many successful projects with exposure to a broad range of technologies within sales and project management teams. Zhaniya is looking forward to contributing her years of experience to the GTE Team.

Ben Broadfoot

Senior Network Engineer

Ben is a Senior Network Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in Process Control support and improvement projects, ranging from process control networks, virtual systems & storage systems. Ben's specialises is design, testing and commissioning of Process Control infrastructure systems. He consistently delivers successful projects and looks forward to continuing his engineering career with GTE Group.

Alex Yang

Senior Network Engineer

Network engineer with over two decades experience in network and communications system across multiple industries. Proven record for delivering network design and network migration projects for different customers in WA, covering Routing & Switching, Unified Communication, Security and Wireless.

Mile Georgievski

Senior Network Engineer

Mile holds over 20 years experience in electrical drafting and design, including instrument control and data communication. He has worked on Greenfield and Brownfield projects with Alcoa, Rio Tinto and BHP. Mile has a keen eye for detail and extensive knowledge and skills to deliver quality designs.

Tim Woloch

Senior Network Engineer

Tim is a Senior Network Engineer with over 10 years' experience in Defence, Mining and Oil & Gas industries in Australia and overseas. This involved delivering large scale Industrial and Wireless Networks for global companies, including multiple Mine Sites with Autonomous Fleets. Tim enjoys engineering solutions tailored to customer needs, improving uptime and reducing maintenance overheads. Tim looks forward to joining the Team at GTE Group.

Dean Adderley

Lead Control Systems Engineer

Dean has over 30 years’ experience with multiple disciplines including control systems engineering, electrical design, project management, robotics, and networking. This has spanned across projects in the Mining, Automotive and Food & Beverage sectors. Dean has strong focus on delivering solutions using the latest technologies that provide the greatest value to the stakeholder, leading to improved performance, reliability, and maintainability of new or existing equipment.

Helene Hellberg

Senior Accountant

Helene is GTE's CPA qualified Senior Accountant. With over 30 years’ experience in financial management in both Australia and Canada. Helene brings valuable experience to GTE, delivering in the areas of management accounting, budgeting, long term financial plans and cash forecasting across a diverse range of industries.
With this high level of experience and knowledge Helene’s goal is to provide professional and technical advice to GTE’s Project Managers, Senior Management, and Directors.

Teresa Tian

Senior Network Engineer

Teresa is an Electrical Engineer with over 14 years’ experience including working on power projects in Western Australia across mining, oil & gas and construction industries including BHP projects .Teresa has developed skills in low voltage distribution and protection, lighting, diesel generation and lightning risk assessment.

Josie Becker

Human Resources Administrator

Josie is currently completing her final year studying a Bachelor of Human Resources and Psychology with the ambition to continue her career as a Human Resources professional at GTE. Josie is passionate about Organisational Psychology and values strong company culture and employee development. Josie looks forward to assisting the HR department and developing her career in GTE’s supportive environment.

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